Terms and Conditions

We, at Southwest, are bound to help you in any way and we know that you deserve a best- in-class flight experience. We assure you of trouble-free flight reservations with the best assistance of travel suppliers, which is among our remarkable policies.

We have created our website to assist and serve our customers worldwide by creating their travel itineraries. Our site works to let our customers access travel needs conveniently and abide by the site terms and conditions that our site puts forward.

We advise our customers to carefully read the terms and conditions to avoid the inconvenience and misunderstanding that may lead to confusion.

1. Privacy

As southwest is a trusted website among millions of customers, we are deemed to protect your personal details by all means. You can get more details of privacy through the Privacy Policy section of our website.

2. Limitations on use

You agree that you will use our services solely for your personal, non-commercial, lawful purposes, and in accordance with the established Terms and Conditions of the website. You will use the services only to make legitimate inquiries, reservations, or purchases, and not for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited, to make any speculative, false, wrong, or fraudulent reservation or any type of reservation in anticipation of demand. You further agree that you will not use any unfair means, electronic device, or software to interfere with the proper working of the services and will not send automated queries of any sort to the Services.

3. Policy Changes

Southwest reserves the right to change any policy or a small section of the policy of the website. We can modify or terminate the Services from time to time, for any unprecedented reason and without notice, without liability to you, any other user, or any third party.

4. User Information

As you have already read about our Privacy Policy regarding your safety, the content you send to us, whether via e-mail, forms, messages, ideas, and/or suggestions, becomes our sole property which is transmitted at your own risk. We will respond to customer issues and problems in accordance with our “Privacy Policy”.

5. Services

Southwest gives precise information for flight booking and the flight reservation process. Tickets displayed on our website are particularly subject to the terms and conditions of travel rules of the airlines. We are just showing the information which is provided by the various airlines to which we have ties. We are always there to assist you with prices and information for all the present airline's services.